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Which is why its mere 30 pages and few scenes carry such resonance for this and every other time.The woman’s name is Janine, and she and her husband Marcel are French-Algerians in Algeria near the end of World War II.After Marcel falls asleep, Janine is driven to return to the fort to find the rush she had felt earlier that day. She ends up laying beneath the stars and milking the experience for every emotion it evoked from her complacent heart.Eventually, Janine goes back to the hotel room she shares with Marcel, climbs into bed with her husband, and weeps. She tells him, “it’s nothing,” and surrenders to the end of her adventure.For some reason, seemingly unknown to Janine, she is excited by this place.

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The innumerable Arabs, predominantly male, and the rockbound, evidently hostile land that they inhabit provoke in the sheltered Janine a sudden awareness of human possibility, of unnoticed opportunity, occasioning a “moment of truth.” Despite his repeated rejections of the “existentialist” label, followed by repudiations on the part of the existentialists themselves, Albert Camus’s mature work developed from, and significantly contributed to, the postwar intellectual climate most commonly associated with Jean-Paul Sartre and his followers.In them, an ageing labourer, a woman travelling in North Africa with her husband, and a school teacher tasked with transporting a prisoner each face their own moral crises. He studied philosophy at the University of Algiers, and became a journalist as well as organizing the Th tre de l' quipe, a young avant-garde dramatic group.

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