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03-May-2016 12:19

Jackson, 24, said both finalists are deserving of the grand final prize. The Master Chef grand final airs tonight at 7.30pm on Network Ten.

EMELIA Jackson feels like a winner after the offer she received on Master Chef tonight. "I really struggled to come up with anything at all, any main or dessert, when I was trying to plan," she said.

Across its ten pristinely-produced tracks, Xiu Xiu comes off as challenging as ever, equally comfortable pumping out clangorous hellscapes (“Jenny Go Go”) as they are glitchy pop-songs (“Wondering”).

It’s because of the latter type of tracks that a number of critics have dubbed the record the band’s most accessible to date, something that annoys Stewart, a professed pop fan, to no end.“Accessibility is totally relative,” he said.

It was a great experience." Jackson, the show's "dessert queen", was eliminated after losing tonight's challenge to serve up her dream menu to 20 diners and the judges.

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In Wired for Dating, psychologist and relationship expert Stan Tatkin-author of Wired for Love-offers powerful tips based in neuroscience and attachment theory to help you find a compatible mate and go on to create a fabulous...It’s hard to pick the most outrageous moment from experimental rock band Xiu Xiu’s catalogue.Is it the chorus from “Hives Hives” — “A-I-D-S-H-I-V / I cannot wait to die / Can’t you tell / Can’t you tell / Can’t you tell”?It's definitely learning on the fly, but I'm lucky it's something I've come quite adept at doing on the show.

"Being in that environment (of Master Chef) you're completely free to immerse yourself in just learning about cooking.

EITHER uni student Laura Cassai or skid steer operator Brent Owens will be crowned the Master Chef winner tonight.

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