Competition relationship dating love advice

02-Jul-2016 03:31

Three major obstacles keep this from happening, and you can watch them operating in your own relationship if you look closely, with open eyes and honest intent: control (the need for one person to coerce the other into doing things "My way"), competition (the need to turn every situation into win or lose) and lack of communication (the refusal to share how you feel and to hear how your partner feels).

Controlling people can be identified by a few primary characteristics: (1) their way is best; (2) they find ways to excuse themselves while at the same time finding fault with others; (3) they are perfectionists—other people's work is never good enough to meet their standards; (4) they think they know what's best for other people; and (5) they sound reasonable on the surface but are tightly wound underneath, leading to an irrational need to have every detail be perfect—anything less than perfect just isn't "right," as defined by them, of course.

If you are competing for his attention with another woman, you both are lowering your standards while he gets the ego boost of the century.

He needs to make the choice at a certain point, he shouldn’t have you both.

The simple fact that you are competing for his attention makes it a game you will never win.

You may get it by competing, but only because of your efforts, not his.

Don’t make it a competition between the two of you while he sits back and watches.

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However, if he knows you do not know anyone there very well, he should stick by you more closely and give you more attention. If he won’t give you his attention during his spare time because he chooses to spend time with friends, family, or whatever, then do the same thing yourself. It is exhausting trying to compete for his attention when you shouldn’t.We have to understand that sometimes you have to let their attention be elsewhere for a little while.

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