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Kinetic Energy and the Work-Kinetic Energy theorem. In aggiunta lo studente può usare il seguente materiale per approfondimenti e integrazioni:"Esercizi di Fisica" Gordon&Mc Grew&Serway&Jewett -edizione 2010 - Edi Ses • Recommended Textbook: "Principi di Fisica" Serway&Jewett quinta edizione- Edi Ses 2015 ISBN 9-864-4 All topics of the whole teaching of 10 CFU are included •Every year at the end of the teaching the teachers provide a PDF document with many solved problems.Lo studente deve aver acquisito le competenze necessarie per risolvere semplici problemi e per rispondere alle domande sui concetti fondamentali insegnati. Inoltre, deve aver acquisito le nozioni di fisica utili a insegnamenti più avanzati del Corso di Studi. In case of examination passed with honours (30/30 e lode) 2 more points are added to the mark (32) before the arithmetic mean. The final mark corresponding to 10 CFU is calculated by the arithmetic mean between the two markes of the single tests, provided that in each evaluation the mark is greater than 18/30.

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After the Practice the solution of the problems is uploaded on Campusnet website.

The written test consists of exercises/problems and open questions of different difficulty.

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