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Email me at [email protected](or use my contact form) with a description of what you need to integrate with and I will give you a quote for my time. If certain domain extensions are always or very often returning an unexpected value, please create an issue instead of emailing me in broken english.

In your issue provide me with the following: Keep in mind that this library queries the WHOIS servers directly and if you "spam" them with requests, you will get temporary banned and that will cause the library to say the domain always is taken.

Annual worldwide production of quicklime is around 283 million tonnes.

China is by far the world's largest producer, with a total of around 170 million tonnes per year.

The reaction of quicklime with water is associated with an increase in volume by a factor of at least 2.5.

A demonstration of slaking of quicklime as a strongly exothermic reaction. After a while, a pronounced exothermic reaction occurs ('slaking of lime').

I suggest making your own list of whois servers and their "not found"-responses so you know which TLD is available.

For a full list of TLDs and WHOIS servers please go to the IANA website.

Quicklime has a high affinity for water and is a more efficient desiccant than silica gel.The first part of the review focuses mainly on the range of applications for datable materials: tooth enamel (Section 2), calcite (Section 3) and quartz (Sections 4–9), while the second part comprises the areas of retrospective dosimetry (Section 10) and new applications (Section 11).