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Perhaps the back of your garden needs taming from looking like a jungle?Or it could be something as simple as requiring extra help with an area you have not managed to spend time on? Chat with us and we'll help you design your new garden, providing the plants, soil, turfing, landscaping, koi ponds, garden lightings & more!Remember, this is a network and we encourage each of you to work together to help one another reach your goals.Your instructor will post important information regarding your practicum assignments, such as questions that require feedback, further instructions, & extra practicum assignments.You are able to login anytime you like and work on your weekly material from any computer with internet access.On average, the student can expect to have around 3 assignments per week.The users could not receive any notification when they received a Skype Call.

The latest update to the Skype app for i OS users is available only for i Phone users and is yet to be made available for i Pad users.For more information, see "HELP: How to Upload Assignments" located on the course homepage.