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17-Sep-2016 15:04

Originally an Italian format, the Australian series will feature participants from a mix of different cultural backgrounds and sexualities, designed to challenge preconceptions about race and sexuality. Marshall Heald, SBS Director of Television and Online Content, said: “Undressed is much more than a dating show.

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In previous seasons, the show focused on four couples, married them off, sent them on honeymoons, and brought them altogether for one dinner event.

Both audience and participants are aware of, if not directly engaged with, an emerged dating culture whose inhabitants careen from hope to disappointment, sometimes in a matter of minutes.”Online dating apps have completely changed the culture of dating.

The introduction of terms like ‘ghosting,’ ‘breadcrumbing’ and ‘haunting’ mean we are trying to work out our romantic relationships in a time when dating is extremely complicated and confusing.

For this year’s bumper series, the show married 10 couples, sent them off on honeymoons, made them all live in the same apartment block, added weekly dinner parties and commitment ceremonies, where they were forced to talk about their relationship issues in front of everyone else, and threw in some extra boys’ and girls’ nights to stir up even more drama.

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What this amounted to was emotional game-playing on a whole new level.

Really, relationships shouldn’t be that hard—if two people like each other, they should put in the effort to be with each other, right? It’s almost like the emotional game-playing that goes on in our real lives—or the ways we sabotage our own chances at love—is reflected on TV with the aid of high production budgets., despite the fact the format focuses on one suitor (or suitress) dating a group of prospective partners at the same time, we get swept up in the super sweet, romantic production value of it as a way of dating escapism, to the point that people who seem too ‘real’ stand out.

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