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15-Jan-2016 14:13

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The wait for an official disclosure -- for any type of formal acknowledgement of the truth -- has been agonizingly slow and protracted.

It is easy to lose hope; to feel beaten down and defeated by seeing the same old games playing themselves out over and over again.

You will also find a link to an epic, three-hour conference we just held a little over a week ago, on April 26th, where these and many other data points were covered, forming a grand overview. As usual, we followed the protocol of leaking highly sensitive new information live and on stage for our own protection.

This conference was practically bursting with new information, slides and animations detailing this coming event -- and was completely different from February's talk! This is the perfect sequel to and is "required viewing" for all those who saw the original.

The video is now available for immediate viewing at streamingforthesoul.tv, under the VODs tab.

Specific instructions on how to navigate the site will be featured at the end.

We will soon have a surprise that dwarfs any other event in recorded history.

We will learn that the same group has been covertly manipulating our society and creating wars since at least the times of the Roman Empire.The paparazzi will have a whole new slew of public figures to start shoving their cameras and microphones at.Additionally, once this process begins, it won't take long before we hear absolute proof that we are "not alone." THE ETs MUST FOLLOW A PRIME DIRECTIVE There are innumerable, very strong reasons to believe that ETs do exist, and are following a "Prime Directive." They are not allowed to interfere with our history and reveal themselves to us openly until we are ready for them to appear.This is not going to be some tear-jerking, sci-fi payoff ending that we revel in for a few precious minutes, only to "wake up" and return to our normal, mundane lives.

Worldwide ancient prophecies describing a "Golden Age" -- remarkably different than what we have right now -- will soon be fulfilled.DISCLOSURE WILL PRODUCE A GOLDEN AGE Disclosure will bring many wonderful fruits -- such as free energy, anti-gravity, stargate travel, healing technology and materializer technology.

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