Intelligence dating cops

05-Dec-2016 07:15

If he anticipates having to take part in a crime, the activity has to be approved in advance.

Narcotics use must be strictly avoided, not only because of its illegality, but because the officer is as subject to becoming addicted as is anyone else.

There are many evidence-based treatments for PTSI; residential treatment, eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (known also as EMDR or bilateral stimulation), prolonged exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and peer support.

Cops are often reluctant to seek help, fearing it will jeopardize their jobs and/or make them look weak. Behind every officer who is involved in a critical incident, there is an almost invisible family left to pick up the pieces or to watch helplessly as a once familiar and loving individual changes into a stranger.

Police families are at risk for secondary trauma, also known as vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue, an emotional response with symptoms that mimic PTSD. It made me curious about my father--how he did the job for 30 years? There's a reason why the TV show cops is not allowed to film in Baltimore. But I don't think that a TV show would even scratch the surface though--you only activate one sense while viewing the boob tube. But my dad was old school--he never talked about it.

It results from indirect exposure to a traumatic event through repeatedly listening to vivid firsthand accounts of the event. It's the day-to-day grind of the job, multiplied by seeing degeneracy and hopelessness on every call. But there was some sort of relief when I went out with him on the ride along.

UCs who are "under" for prolonged periods—years, sometimes—often need psychological counseling to deal with the conflict.

He may have a complete criminal history, credit report and other background data established in the UC persona.

Some agencies use UC officers in the same communities where they've grown up or worked as regular officers. Imagine sitting at a bar, talking with a criminal who believes you are a crook just like him, when a former high school classmate walks up and addresses you in your real name, asking if you are still with the cops.

People struggle with disorders, they recover from injuries. There are days when it seems like the actions of a few have tainted the entire law enforcement profession.

Policing is a complex profession, far more complex than most people understand.

This can happen anywhere, of course, but the closer you are to home, the more likely it is to happen to you.

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