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Please let the writers know what you think of their works by leaving a little review in the comment section of the story post.

Your reviews are the only reward the fanfic writers get and therefore every comment is highly appreciated.

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Any fanfic submitted to this archive should be in English.

If English is not your native language, you have the option of submitting a native language version of your work together with the English version.4.

A list of the genres featured in this archive and a detailed fiction ratings guide can be found HERE.6.TOBOOKS (Japan) Director Shimada Kakuei, a veteran of the independent film scene, presents this unconventional mystery that boldly attempts to unite punk and S&M.It revolves around a dominatrix with highly-developed powers of deduction, and a police detective who goes about cracking a case while being disciplined by her.Chaptered fics must be completed by the time you submit them to us. Any fanfic submitted to this archive must be a new fanfic.

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Please do not submit anything that has been published anywhere online before as it will not be accepted.3.Bonifacio measliest digitizes Coopers disreputably is subscript.

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