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Bible Survey New Testament Course 1 (Matthew – Romans) Our New Testament survey courses are encompassing the entire 27 books as presented within the King James Version of the Holy Bible. FMA&BI does assure assistance to all students in that there are no promissory notes to sign, no interest charged, and no demanding payment schedules.

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Text location and word search is an integral component of each per credit course of study as well as essay summary and personal application where indicated. FMA&BI by nature of our non-secular church related degree programs does not qualify to participate in any Government Student Aid/Financing of tuition.

It contains the best references on: WATER BAPTISM PRAYER BIBLE STUDY THE CHURCH MEEKNESS OBEDIENCE WORLDLINESS HOLINESS CRUCIFIXION HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISM DIVINE HEALING GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT THE SUPERNATURAL Basic Bible Course I Book 3 Course one book three contains 36 pages and 166 questions. If partial services were rendered; the equivalent partial payment will be refunded.