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It would be the outer-space equivalent of those stubborn elderly hospital patients who insist on smoking cigarettes while wearing oxygen tanks. NASA tolerates low-pressure pure-oxygen pressurization in their soft space suits because they have no choice.

The low budget show Space Academy had "Life Support Bracelets" and the Star Trek Animated series had force-field based "Life Support Belts" as a cheapskate way to avoid the special effect expense of renting or drawing an actual space suit.

Currently most of NASA's space suits are soft suits. The advantage is they can be fully pressurized so no pre-breathing is required.

They are also much more tear and puncture resistant than soft suits.

Disadvantage is they have to use low pressure so The Bends once again raises its ugly head.

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Also people have a problem getting anybody to take it seriously A space suit is a protective garment that prevents an astronaut from dying horribly when they step into airless space.Also known as atmosphere suit, vac suit, pressure suit, space armor, environment(al) suit, e-suit, EVA suit. Clarke said Current NASA suits look like baggy inflated coveralls with a large back pack and a spherical fishbowl over the head.