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This notice is intended only to inform you of where to obtain this information and is not an indication of the presence of registered sex offenders.PROPER WRITTEN NOTICE Proper written notice should include address of rental property, and either be delivered in person or by certified mail, return receipt requested.Both landlord and tenant are bound by the lease’s terms.WAIVER OF RIGHTS: Except in specific circumstances, the law prohibits a rental agreement from containing clauses that: CHANGING THE RULES/INCREASING THE RENT: In a month-to-month tenancy, the landlord can change the rules and/or increase the rent by giving the tenant a written notice at lease 30 days before the end of the rental period.Rent in Escrow: If above repair provisions are inadequate, tenant may have the local government inspect and certify that a dangerous condition exists and, after notice, may place their rent in escrow.

All rental agreements must provide the tenant with a written notice regarding sex offenders that contains the following information: Notice to Tenant: Information regarding sex offenders may be obtained from local law enforcement agencies.

DISCRIMINATION Federal, state and/or local law prohibits discrimination in housing based on sex, race, creed, color, marital status, national origin, handicap, family status, military status or sexual orientation.

Violations should be reported to the DRC, the Washington State Human Rights Commission or the Federal HUD Hotline at 1-800-233-3247.

TENANT’S RIGHT TO PRIVACY RENTAL AGREEMENTS Rental agreements establish the conditions for use and occupancy of a residence.

If a deposit is required, the rental agreement must be in writing and an inspection check list completed and signed.Termination for other lawful reasons is permitted by law.