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15-Mar-2016 01:14

Just as you are very unique and different, so are they.

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Accept the fact that if you are in a group of Dominants or Masters, they may by their very nature tend to be a demanding bunch, but a true Dominant or Master is also going to be understanding, compassionate and reasonable.There is no thought or consideration given to the feelings and emotions of the one(s) that happened to venture there with very valid and legitimate needs, seeking to learn, seeking acceptance, hoping to find the path to that one special power exchange relationship.There is no one way of guaranteeing that a legitimate submissive or slave won't mistakenly end up in an environment that just isn't what she thought it was, but there are some steps a submissive or slave should take, or at least consider before she sets out in search of a submissive or slave chat room or forum.If you've stumbled into a chat room, forum, or for that matter, a real life event, if you aren't comfortable there, if others tend to make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, it's time to analyze those feelings. It may be that for whatever reason, that environment is not for you.

Don't hesitate to move on until you find the one chat room environment that you can be comfortable in.It's not going to happen, that's not reality.

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