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The topics covered included: Navigating the Silicon Valley Ecosystem, Raising capital in Silicon Valley, Pitching the Silicon Valley Way, Business Model Innovation, Go-To-Market Strategy and Value Proposition and Messaging.Our expert mentors included: Even though CES 2018 is an excellent opportunity for founders to showcase their technology and innovation, nothing beats pitching on stage for Silicon Valley investors and the Silicon Valley startup community.The MOST’s goal is to boost Taiwan’s academic and industrial competitiveness at the international level. About Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena (TITAN) Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena (“TITAN”) is the flagship program sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan with objective to provide deep technology startups with a comprehensive resource platform to soft-land and grow with the high technology ecosystem in Taiwan. Site for Sore Eyes Has Designer Eyeglasses at Affordable Prices The Site for Sore Eyes store in Palo Alto, CA is where you can find professional eye care services and designer frames at affordable prices.As it was the startups’ first time participation in CES they had to get pitch-ready.Therefore, in November 2017, our Head of International Relations, Klaus Wehage, brought three experienced startup mentors and advisors from Silicon Valley to Taiwan to coach the startups in an intensive 3-day boot camp.You get to wake up for work every day with a sense of purpose and a mission.

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Pros Working at Fusion means that you get to love the people that you work with everyday.

Professional development opportunities and the ability to work with your colleagues to create better leaders means that Fusion isn't just about creating better teachers and students, it's about creating better humans. It's a field for people who have a passion for learning. I would much rather receive less money and more intrinsic reward. If you want tons of money, go into a different field.