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But though he played at being a “mimbo,” to borrow a “Seinfeld”-ism, he was smarter than he let on.

And there was something vulnerable about him, too, a compelling undercurrent to his machismo that gave the show its sense of realism and pathos.

He adored his patrons, and his bar, and transmitted that love to the audience.

The show’s perfect final scene, in a 1993 finale that drew a reported ninety-three million people, finds him closing up for the night, alone.

Yet there was a kernel of credibility to George’s outrage: Danson played the relief pitcher turned bartender Sam Malone with a kind of effortless-looking panache that could make him seem like little more than a handsome lightweight. George, as he was in all but one famous episode, was entirely wrong.

Sam was charming, rakish, alluring, but, though he slept with scores of women, he never got the girl.

The women on the show—Diane, Rebecca, Carla, even Lilith—each of whom he loved, in different ways, ran him in circles and left him dizzy, amused, thrilled, and happily beaten.

can confirm that Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen will be joining the core “Curb” repertoire onscreen when the show does return. The married celebrity couple will play themselves in the series.

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Danson, one of David’s many antagonists on the show, has appeared in 13 of the 80 episodes of “Curb,” while Steenburgen has appeared in five.

“The show is fictitious and it is just a make-believe storyline,” she reassured us. Danson and Steenburgen will actually both be on the show this season, as they have in seasons past, and hopefully they’ll resolve their reel — but not real — separation.

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